Hello, I'm Aysun.

UX/UI Designer who crafts awesome digital experiences through user interactions, visual design, prototyping and coding.

My experience of working with marketers and digital agencies for the past 8 years can be the asset you require to grow your project, get leads or sales and make a strong, memorable impression to your potential customers or clients.

My work is based on user research, planning and designing clean, beautiful interfaces that convert.

My Story

I made my first steps in the design/front-end industry when I started playing with Macromedia Flash in 2007-2008. I was curious and amazed about creating animations, since I also had a passion of drawing which was discovered earlier in middle school. Until then, I was the computer guy of the neighbourhood, the internet person with a couple of blogs, the power user, the gamer.

Still, everything changed when I borrowed a Photoshop CS2 book. From there it rolled like a snowball, creating the first poster design for the high school prom, going to college and collaborating with the University print department where I was designing book covers for professors, ending with my first international freelance clients in 2010-2011.

It started modestly, but before I knew, in a few years I was growing and expanding my client base, skills and services, while trying to finish an university degree.

Over the years I worked mainly with clients of digital marketing agencies from U.S., Europe, Australia where I learned important skills when it comes to designing user experiences that convert and generate sales. These skills also made it necessary for me to learn front end development. It was not enough researching and designing wireframes & mockups, I also wanted to bring them to life.


Fast forward to current days, I'm a senior UX/UI designer who is passionate about front-end and everything an user interacts with or experiences.

My work style is organised, rigurous and I move fast. I'm a shorcuts junkie in the tools I work with. I observe and reiterate and try to improve things to at least a "well done" state when time is an issue and an MVP is needed.

Combining my knowledge of design with front end development, I can bring value on large projects which involve design systems, interface architectures, collaboration with multiple team members, getting feedback and adjusting on the go.

My recommendations
  • goodui.org - this could easily be the bible of designing user interfaces
  • nngroup.com/ - and this one the bible for designing user experiences
  • Interaction Design Foundation - for anyone looking to start into UX for a small rate or intermediates looking to brush up their skills
  • uxdesign.cc - top account on medium to follow for UX related articles
  • mobilespoon.net - a blog, filled with golden articles of ux & marketing wisdom combined
  • smashingmagazine.com - everything related to front end, from design to code
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Senior UX/UI Designer

Feb 2020 - present

Design and plan user interfaces for Endava's client products.

Present work in design sprint sessions while collaborating with international product owners.

Manage and build design system for complex SaaS products in financial analysis industry.

UX/UI Designer

Jun 2018 - Jan 2020

Design and plan user interfaces for Orange Money applications and products.

Collaborate with user testing department for research in developing a better user experience through use cases.

Collaborate with developers using Zeplin and work with technologies such as Git, task runner Gulp, templating languages, HTML/CSS/SCSS, jQuery, Javascript, Bootstrap.

UX/UI Designer & Developer

Nov 2017 - May 2018

Design & develop HTML/CSS/SCSS, jQuery and Javascript code for Wordpress themes.

Helped the company in signing a contract for application design & development with Xerox.

Collaborate with other team members for UI development using Git, fix most of the visual bugs through CSS refactoring.

Made for Success
Graphic Designer

Mar 2012 - May 2018

Designed and created concepts for book covers, print and digital.

Due to great quality of book covers I delivered, the company managed to sign a partnership with Ingram Publishing, one of the top publishers in U.S.

Prepared files for printing and special cases such as die stamps, worked with InDesign to generate & manage brochures with multiple pages.

Freelance UX/UI Designer

Oct 2011 - May 2018

Work with business owners to develop their digital presence.

Consult and develop strategic flows of user experience and user interface for marketing funnels.

Collaborate closely with online marketing affiliates to develop converting visuals and websites.

Technical Skills

UX/UI Design, Wireframe, Prototype

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Photo Edit & Print Design

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UI Development

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