Website Design

Lovestyle is an online aggregator of fashion offers from different Romanian sellers. The whole concept of the webpage was to promote the offers or act like a portal of inspiration. Besides this, the website also caterred to users who were looking for certain styles to shop, making the process easier to find an outfit from a combination of stores.

The Challenge & Approach

For this project I was hired to create it from scratch, with a few already well defined, researched ideas from the client.

The overall style of the website had to be clean, minimal, with a focus on the content and clearly defined categories to browse for ease of navigation.


After analysing competitors and business requirements, a few main problems had to be addressed: How to drive the customer from the homepage to the product page as fast as possible, how much the customer looking for a certain item can filter its search, promoting "style looks" for customers who where just browsing the website.

At the same time, the "recommendations" acted in a manner of "quality checked" products, so the customer should be able to add certain products to its wishlist.

The homepage was a crucial starting point for the overall feel & look of the entire website, meaning it was to dictate how the content will flow from the starting point.

Wireframes & Analysis

The wireframes for Lovestyle went through a few iterations before proceeding with the UI Design.

It was important to establish the information architecture, so the content was presented a bit differently than your average online fashion shop. Since this was an aggregator, the user had to be driven towards a more "browsing, just looking" behaviour, rather than shopping aggresively and adding items to cart.

UI Design

Working on Lovestyle made me realise how much more focus there was to be put into microinteractions and also developing different layouts for A/B testing.