Website Design

eComJobs is an online portal of job postings related to e-commerce industry. Employers get their own page where they can showcase available jobs, while people in search of a job can browse through available ones. All the job posting and possible candidates are vetted through for a higher quality.

The Challenge & Approach

I was hired to do a complete redesign of the current look & layout of the portal. On top of that, new functionalities needed to be added to facilitate and automate the collaboration between the employer and the possible candidate.

Because of limited time constraints and no acces to former analytics and reports, after going through the project introduction with the client, the next step was to begin researching competitors in the market.


Based on the provided requirements and information gathered from other competitors in the market, two solid types of users were defined, as expected:

  1. The job poster. Usually an independent recruiter or a recruiter who works directly from the recruiting company.
  2. The candidate. The person who is in search of a job and is looking through job postings that are relevant to his preferences.

With a main focus on the candidate, certain functionalities had to be taken into consideration for creating a seamless and frictionless interaction.

Besides the presentational side of the website, another back-end area had to be planned and designed from scratch. Candidates and companies would have separate control panels with different controls and features.

After confirming the flows with the client, the next step was to start creating the wireframes of these "nodes" with the necessary information to be displayed.

Wireframes & Analysis

Since the main pages of the website were the most important, the client received the wireframes with these and a presentation with "filler" content.

Because speed was priority, here we also established main components of the website that could be reused for a faster development time. Based on these wireframes and a well architected UI, a styleguide was to be provided at the developer handoff.

UI Design

While working on this project I realised how much more planning was needed. Although it was a comprehensive and large project, details were not necessaraly omitted, but not really taken into consideration for a few particular areas.
Because of time constraints and limited buget, I learned to skip certain processes and focus on the ones that could give the best rate of investment for a great user experience and business needs result.